If You Are Thinking of Getting Dentures, Read This First


If You Are Thinking of Getting Dentures, Read This First

Smiling is a natural part of human connection and expression. If you are self-conscious about your smile due to missing teeth, there are ways to get your smile back. Many people feel self-conscious or anxious due to missing teeth. Missing teeth can also affect your speech, which can add to the personal embarrassment. Chewing food properly and effectively can also be hindered by missing teeth. If you are feeling anxious or are having any of these problems, visiting a denture clinic in Surrey might be the answer.

There are several different types of dentures, and by visiting a denture clinic in Surrey, you will be able to find out what denture style is right for you and your life. From complete dentures, partial dentures, implant dentures and more, dentures are realistic and will match your existing teeth.

Every smile and every person is different, so it is important for dentures to be custom-made to fit exactly right. Factors such as age, height, weight, lip shape and volume, tongue, cheek volume, and distance from the upper and lower arches at rest are some of the factors that can go in to deciding which denture type is the right fit. For residents of the Lower Mainland, going to an expert denture clinic in Surrey can be a life improving decision.

Dentures are removable false teeth that are custom made to fit your mouth to replace missing teeth and surrounding gum tissue. Traditional dentures are completely removable, however there are some newer types that require bonding and clasping into surrounding teeth.  Implant dentures are artificial roots that are surgically placed into the jawbone. The dentures are set into place over these false roots and are not removable.

Having missing teeth does not mean you have bad oral hygiene, and is nothing to feel ashamed of. As we age, enamel starts to wear off our teeth due to daily use, making the teeth weaker over time. While gum disease can be a reason for tooth loss, accidents and age are also common reasons.

Just like your original teeth, dentures need to be cleaned and taken care of. This is imperative to avoid infections, burning and itching of gum tissues under the dentures, bad breath, swollen irritated gums, or damaged teeth.

If the dentures are removable, after every meal remove them and brush them with lukewarm or cold water, with soap and water. Toothpaste can be used, but only if it has a low percentage of abrasives. There are toothpastes available for sensitive teeth with the abrasive level of 30, while others can have an abrasive level as high as 200. Dentures can be easily scratched by toothpaste that is too abrasive, which will decrease their lifespan significantly. Your natural teeth should also be brushed and flossed daily. Using a less abrasive toothpaste in your mouth can also lessen gum sensitivity, and it will be gentler on the enamel of your teeth.

Make sure to regularly see your denturist. Like natural teeth, dentures need professional cleaning and maintenance as well. Visiting your denture clinic in Surrey every few months will ensure that your dentures, and your mouth are healthy and pristine.

If you notice any problems with your dentures, or you are experiencing pain, contact your denturist as soon as possible. Wearing dentures that are not right can cause you to lose more teeth, and can result in sores on your gum line.

If you are struggling with feeling comfortable smiling naturally, you are having problems eating hard or tougher foods such as meat, apples and other crunchy foods, or you are noticing an impact on your speech, dentures may be the answer you are seeking.