3 Easy Ways to Ensure Your Dentures Fit Comfortably: A Guide

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3 Easy Ways to Ensure Your Dentures Fit Comfortably: A Guide

Struggling with loose or missing teeth can cause you to have trouble speaking, eating, and breathing. Fortunately, you can use dentures, or false teeth, as a tooth replacement option and allow you to confidently flash a smile and a complete set of healthy-looking teeth.

When getting dentures, you are assured that they are custom-made for you. The moulds will determine the arrangement, shape, and size of your mouth to make sure your false teeth fit you perfectly. But note that using them can be uncomfortable at first. While they may take some getting used to, they should never cause pain, swelling, and soreness. Here are some ways to make sure your dentures fit as comfortably as possible:

1. Check your dentures for cracks

The average lifespan of dentures is five to seven years. But you may have to get them replaced if they have a small crack or fracture, even if they seem to fit your gums correctly. Keep in mind that your false teeth are usually made of plastic or porcelain, which means these materials can chip like a real tooth.

If your dentures have cracks or fractures, contact your denturist and book an appointment as soon as you notice the problem so you can have your false teeth resurfaced or repaired.

2. Take your time to adjust

Getting new dentures requires a big adjustment, which means you can find your false teeth a bit uncomfortable or awkward at first. This is especially true for lower dentures. They are generally much less secure because they have to fit around your tongue and cheeks, which can easily be pushed out of place.

You can speed up the adjustment process and make your dentures fit comfortably. You can use some dental adhesive, which is a glue-like substance that holds your false teeth in place. Just clean and dry the surface of your dentures, apply a thin, even layer of adhesive on them, and press them onto your gums.

Another method to adjust faster to your dentures is to practice chewing with denture-friendly chewing gum. This type of gum is specially designed not to stick to dental appliances and avoid damaging your dentures or gums.

3. Reach out to your denturist

If your dentures are too painful for you, you may never get used to wearing them, no matter how much you take your time to adjust to them. Since your mouth will change shape every five to seven years, you may have to refit your dentures if you had them for several years and they no longer fit you comfortably.

You may think that getting new dentures every few years is costly and a major inconvenience. However, wearing badly fitting dentures can do more harm than good in the long run and even cause significant dental problems even though you observe proper oral care.


Tooth loss is a common dental problem that can affect your self-confidence. If you got affordable dentures, but they don’t fit you as comfortably as expected, follow the tips listed above. On the other hand, if they cause too much pain and even soreness that can lead to an increased risk of infection, consult experienced dentists so you can finally smile confidently.

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