Common Myths About Dentures You Have to Stop Believing

Close up of denture uppers

Common Myths About Dentures You Have to Stop Believing

Do you have missing teeth and miss being able to smile with confidence? Many people share your pain. The good news is that there is a solution to your problems! It comes in the form of dentures.

However, you may not be too keen on getting dentures because of some of the things you may have heard about them. You are not alone when it comes to hearing misconceptions about this solution to missing teeth. This article will set the record straight and shed some light on the truth about these denture myths.

Common Myths About Dentures You Have to Stop Believing

1 – Dentures Will Obviously Look Fake

One of the most infamous myths about dentures is that they will look fake when worn. However, dentures are meant to replicate real teeth. The technology and techniques used to create dentures are aimed at making the most authentic-looking teeth possible. Dentures are made out of porcelain or resin, which contribute to the realistic appearance of dentures.

2 – You Can’t Eat Properly With Dentures

The main point of having these synthetic teeth made is to help you chew your food more effectively. This myth is one of the most absurd ones out there because the whole reason people have dentures is to be able to chew and eat properly. Many people who have lost teeth will attest that not having teeth makes eating and chewing food a challenge. Dentures will help them overcome this mastication problem.

3 – They Are Not Comfortable

Although this may be true to an extent, it is not completely true. Any foreign object placed in the oral cavity will give the wearer the feeling of discomfort for some time. However, when the person gets used to wearing the dentures, they will no longer feel uncomfortable.

4 – Dental Implants Are The Better Option

While this may be true for some people, it does not apply to everyone. Both dental implants and dentures have their pros and cons, and some people may be better candidates than others for each procedure.

5 – Dentures Can Get Easily Destroyed

It is normal for dentures to wear down in time, after normal wear and tear. However, these structures are made to be durable and can help the person chew their food and bite off food to be eaten. However, the denturist will usually tell you which types of food to be wary of, especially ones that are unusually hard, to make sure the dentures stay intact for longer.


These myths exist because the dentures in the past, or “false teeth” as people commonly knew them, really looked false and presented some level of hassle when they were worn. They were not comfortable, and in many ways, they looked synthetic. Modern-day dentures have come a long way since their predecessors, but somehow remnants of the negative reputation have remained.

The truth is that the dentures made today will be a quick fix to the problem of missing teeth. They will look aesthetically pleasing and not at all synthetic. They will serve their purpose as replacement teeth for the person wearing them. In a nutshell, having dentures made will genuinely help bring back confidence to a person’s smile.

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