Replacement Teeth: Is It Wise to Get Dentures Right Away?

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Replacement Teeth: Is It Wise to Get Dentures Right Away?

They say that a smile is the best thing you can wear. But what if you would rather hide it because you are embarrassed by how your teeth look? Fortunately, if you are conscious about your missing teeth, you can explore various tooth replacement options to enjoy having healthy-looking teeth. This way, you can regain your confidence and be proud of your physical features.

One of the most common ways to replace missing teeth is getting dentures, which are appliances that fit your mouth perfectly. When worn properly, they can restore the appearance and function of your natural teeth. Dentures have been around for many years now, which can make you wonder if this is your best option, or if it’s best to look for better alternatives. To help you make a well-informed decision, use this article as your guide.

Which Type of Dentures Is Right for Me?

Dentures come in two primary types: complete and partial. Complete dentures are created to replace all teeth in one or both arches. They are usually made of plastic and composite resin bases that hold porcelain teeth. A suction-formed seal holds them in place on your gums. This type of dentures is best for you if you are missing all or almost all of your teeth.

On the other hand, partial dentures replace your missing teeth with artificial porcelain teeth in a flexible material or a plastic base. They are appropriate for you if you are missing many teeth in one or both arches, but not all your teeth.

Complete and partial dentures can be removable, but you can opt for implant-supported ones to look for a more permanent dental solution. These implant-supported dentures are permanently connected to your jaw bone through dental implants attached directly into your jaw. Therefore, they don’t rest on your gums, unlike the removable type. They also aren’t required to be removed every night.

What Are the Alternatives to Dentures?

If you want to replace two or more adjacent teeth and are looking for an alternative to partial dentures, you can get a bridge. It is a restoration constructed from gold, porcelain, porcelain fused to metal or zirconium. The traditional type works by suspending artificial teeth in the gap left behind by your missing teeth. However, its significant downside is it relies on natural teeth on either side of the opening for support.

Another option for affordable dentures is implant-supported bridges. They don’t rely on your neighbouring teeth and are anchored directly into your jaw through implants that stimulate healthy bone tissue growth, making them a convenient alternative.


For years, dentures have been a popular and affordable solution for tooth loss. While there are now many more permanent teeth replacement options, like dental implants, they remain an excellent way to restore your bright smile. This is especially true now that science continues to evolve, making today’s dentures more comfortable to wear for long hours and offer a secure fit to prevent accidental slips. When deciding to get them, remember the information in this guide and discuss your options with your denture center.

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