What You Need to Know About Caring for Your Dentures

Closeup of a toothbrush cleaning dentures

What You Need to Know About Caring for Your Dentures

A good pair of dentures can give you a million-dollar smile at an affordable price. Not only that, but dentures can help you chew food with ease, which will help your digestion. Dentures are a great boon to those who need them, but how do you take care of them in return? What is good dental care for dentures? This article will answer these questions.

Why is it important to clean dentures?

Daily care of your dentures is necessary to fight fungal infections and other issues, including:

General Maintenance and Care

Just like your natural teeth, dental dentures need care and maintenance as well. There are also some precautions you must take when you use dentures, as you can be more susceptible to certain kinds of diseases. Here are a few examples of how to care for your dentures:

Brush your dentures after every meal

After every meal, you should take out your dentures and brush them. Soap and water are primarily what you should use to clean your dentures, but only after soaking them. Use only lukewarm or cold water, though. Hot water can change the volume of your dentures. When brushing, aim to remove plaque, food particles, denture adhesive, and other deposits.

While you can use toothpaste, make sure the kind you use has a low percentage of abrasives so you don’t scratch your denture’s teeth. Also, as a precaution, place something like a bowl of water in the sink. This way, if they accidentally slip from your grip, they’ll land in the water instead of cracking or shattering against the sink.

Observe good hygiene with your natural teeth and mouth

To help ensure your dentures do a good job, make sure you clean your natural teeth and your whole mouth as well. Care for your tongue and the roof and cheeks of your mouth. This way, you can ensure you don’t develop anything while wearing your dentures.

Make sure no denture adhesive is left on your gums

Remove any remnants of denture adhesive from your gums when you are done using your dentures for the day. Make sure you soak it in the solution recommended by your denturist at night. This will probably be a prosthetic cleaning solution, created by dissolving a prosthetic cleaning tablet in lukewarm water.

See your denturist regularly

You are not alone in the maintenance of your dentures. Consult your denturist every few months to make sure your dentures and oral health are up to par. Denturists can correct any damage done to your dentures. If you have any problems with dentures, consult your denturist immediately. Loose teeth can cause infection, sores, and burning sensations.

Full dentures require a little more care. Consult your denturist on how often you should visit for a check-up.


Dentures can provide a stunning smile to anyone who wants them. All it asks in return is for a little care and maintenance every now and then. Great tips for general maintenance and care include brushing your dentures after every meal, seeing your denturist regularly, and ensuring no adhesive is left.

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