When & When Not to Get Dentures If You’re Pregnant

A pregnant woman holding her belly wondering if dentures are right for her or not

When & When Not to Get Dentures If You’re Pregnant

Dentures are among the most effective dental services one can get today, especially for older individuals. These are prosthetic devices used to replace missing teeth for functional and aesthetic purposes. You can also opt for removable partial or complete teeth, which can be a good investment for the long term. If you have missing teeth, then getting dentures can be your best bet. But if you’re pregnant, is it the best time to get them?

In this article, we will share when you should and when you shouldn’t get dentures if you’re pregnant.

When to get dentures when pregnant

If you’re pregnant and wondering if you can get dentures, the answer is yes, you can! However, there’s one condition where you can only do so, and that is if you have healthy gums. If your gum health is relatively good, fitting dentures won’t be a problem at all.

However, if you experience gum pain or swelling, you must see your dentist. This is because having gum diseases can be problematic if you’re pregnant, as the last thing you’ll ever want to happen is for the infection to affect your pregnancy.

When not to get dentures when pregnant

On the other hand, here are several instances where getting dentures during your pregnancy may not be the best idea:

If you have infected teeth

The first thing you must consider is if you have infected teeth. If you do, you must not fit and wear dentures, as this may cause you unwanted pain and discomfort. The same is true if you’re suffering from headaches or tooth pain. But if your missing teeth are causing you problems and you need to wear an oral prosthetic device, you must consult with your dentist beforehand to figure out the best solution.

If you have gum disease

The problem with gum diseases is that they are extremely common in pregnant women. Whether you suffer from gingivitis or periodontitis, you must check with your dentist and get proper oral treatments. This is because the bacteria associated with the disease may affect your baby or impact your pregnancy.

What to do when planning to get dentures during pregnancy

Now, the question is: what if you are planning to wear dentures during your pregnancy or if you’ve been wearing one even before you got pregnant? The answer to this question all boils down to checking with your dentist. Of course, your dentist will first check whether or not your gums are healthy and see what dentures are deemed appropriate for you. If not, your dentist will provide other alternatives that will work for your missing teeth. Ultimately, fostering your oral health and overall health will always be the key to a healthy pregnancy!

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At this point, we’ve covered when and when not to get dentures if you’re pregnant. To that end, be sure to consider all the valuable information discussed above. Above all, the best course of action is to visit your denturist, have them diagnose you orally, and decide whether or not you can get dentures. Ultimately, your dentist’s expertise and experience can make all the difference in fostering your overall oral health!

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